Suit: Reign the Label Photographer: Richard Lancaster

The Healing - Mixed Media

Rottnest Island

Corsica - painting of honeymoon location

This client went on a honeymoon seven years ago and on their last day their camera was stolen taking all of their memories away. I captured this moment using the only photo in existence taken from their mobile phone. I asked to see pictures of them both and the bathers they would have worn and immersed them both swimming in the water so that I could capture a moment in time for them.

Corsica Painting Honeymoon painting capturing a moment in time

Mosman Bay

This painting has deep meaning to my client. Riddled with hidden symbolism that means something only to the owner. Very special piece that she absolutely treasures and brightens her day every time she looks at it. Reminiscent of wonderful past memories with someone very special to her.

Golden Retriever on the beach

This client’s daughter and son in law were so in love with their Golden Retriever and their favourite place to take him is on their local beach with a ball. I captured this fun moment and the client was delighted!

Abstract Painting

This client asked me to inspect their home and views and liase with their interior designer. I also asked them to show me artwork that they loved and then I merged all of the styles to create a newer fresher style reflecting the colours of the views of the Swan River from their home in Applecross and also combining the colours of the interior designers that were used throughout the home. The sunlight hits the gold foiling and this very large piece looks magnificent in their home.

abstract painting

Rearing Horse

This large piece was painted using roses and my hands. This metallic piece has gold foiling throughout which reflects the light. This was painted live on a Foxtel Show The Couch which was shown nationally. This is now for sale.

Mandarin Fish in Great Barrier Reef

This painting has been used to look like the fish appears to swim inside a gin bottle. This limited edition gin bottle has part proceeds towards the Millstar Foundation which is also infused with marine collegen in keeping with my marine theme developed by Wise Wineries. There is also a one off unique sustainable wearable art kimono that displays my artwork designed by fashion designer Mauricio Alpizar made using the fibres of an acacia tree and eucalyptus inks.

Original Painting of the Great Barrier Reef and Mandarin Fish Artwork for Gin Bottle and Kimono

Self Portrait

self portrait
Joanne Colely runway Claremont
Fashion Designer: Mauricio Alpizar Photographer: Alejandro Martinez

Meet Jo

My passion for art drives me to be the most diverse artist in many different styles from realism, surrealism, landscapes to abstracts. Creating pieces for both national and international collectors I love creating something very unique and special to the buyer that has personal meaning to them.

Raising over $175,000 for charities by painting celebrities and politicans and getting them to personally sign my work has been an amazing journey to be able to make a difference.

I now teach both adults and children and various locations around Perth including opera singers, musicians and very soon pyschic healers to add the mix. I love uplifting my students through music and art and I include motivational speaking so that every person leaves feeling like they can do and achieve anything when they set their mind to it.

Thank you for visiting my site. Please feel free to reach out to me about classes, commissions, or collaborations.

*HUGE thank you to my supporters:

  • My husband Kian Colely
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  • Devetta Ridgwell for collaborations.
  • Bridgit Hudson & Jo from Reign the Label fashion designers
  • Louise Scanlan from Ignite the Night Dress Hire.
  • Jades Creations for my hair and make up.
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Charity Works

Giving back to the Perth community, and to Australia, is a truly wonderful opportunity. I’ve been lucky enough to paint celebrities like Mark McGowan, Scott Morrisson, Nic Natanui, Daniel Ricciardo and Nat Fyfe, to name a few, auctioning off their portraits in support of worthy charities. As of 2021, I’ve helped raise over $150,000 for causes I believe in, and I look forward to continuing to make a difference in the future.