Joanne Colely Art creates her work in Perth, Western Australia.

Her work can be shipped locally, nationally and internationally.

The shipping and pick up options vary for each product.

For any TRACKING queries, please use the online tracking system for your listed delivery company in your order. e.g Australia Post, Toll or UPS.

If you require more details, you can call them directly to inquire about your delivery. 



Paintings do not have an automatic shipping fee applied to them at checkout. That is because they can not be sent with a standard postal service. If you require delivery, you will be invoiced separately for the delivery fee for your painting. 

We can get you an accurate quote on the shipping fee by request. We will be in touch with you within 4 working days of your purchase to make delivery arrangements.

Some original artworks can be sent with a standard postal service. The shipping fee for these artworks will apply automatically to your order once you enter your delivery address. You will receive a dispatch notification with tracking details when your order is on its way.



Joanne Colely Art is pleased to send artworks and prints anywhere across the globe.

Delivery methods and costs, along with import duties, customs fees and taxes can be confusing.

The policies and prices set by Customs, Governments, and delivery companies can also change regularly without notice.


If you have any questions about delivery options and costs, please feel free to email me on and we will get back to you asap.



All artwork is insured for replacement. Your shipping fees will include the insurance. The insurance costs are typically between $2.30 and $3.30 per $100 insured value.



We use a combination of shipping carriers to try to bring you the most reliable carriers at the most reasonable prices.



Most paintings are sent out from Perth, Western Australia

Deliveries vary in price dramatically depending on location.

Delivery is not included in the online purchase costs. 

You will be invoiced separately for the cost of painting delivery once you have purchased your artwork and we have confirmed your delivery address and method. 

If you would like an accurate quote prior to purchasing your painting, email us with your address and the painting you intend to purchase and we will send one through.

If you purchase a combined order we will pack items together wherever possible to save you on shipping costs. (Some items may need to be packed separately.)


Delivery Methods and Price Estimates for Paintings:

If your order is liable for taxes and duties, Customs often applies the taxes to your shipping costs as well as your artwork cost. Choosing a cheaper shipping option may also save you on taxes. 



All products sent overseas may incur duties, taxes, and other charges to be paid by the customer/receiver upon their order arriving into the destination country. Tariffs and duty rates are constantly revised and are subject to change without notice.

We strongly recommend you contact the relevant Customs Office to get a definitive total for these possible charges. 

These are some examples of fees you may be charged by customs for importing an item: GST, VAT, LEVIES, DUTIES, STORAGE, ENTRY, INSPECTION, ADMINISTRATION. 

Joanne Colely Art does not charge any import or customs duties, taxes, fees, or charges on orders being sent internationally. They are fees applied by customs in the destination country.

Joanne Colely Art is not liable to pay them. They are applied by the government of the country you are importing the product into. 

Here is  the information you will need to get an accurate quote: 


Country of Origin: Made in and imported from Australia

Value: (price you paid for the item)

CIF: When we book your shipping the price includes insurance. Insurance is typically between $2.30 and $3.30 per $100 insured value.

Here is a link to a free online DUTIES CALCULATOR TOOL. 

You can use this as a guide to estimate duties  and taxes you may be liable for.

Other processing fees are sometimes added on top of the Taxes and Duty. The Duties Calculator does not include customs processing fees. 

These vary across countries and states. 

Please note that this tool is not affiliated with Joanne Colely Art in any way and we can not guarantee its accuracy. 

The most accurate way to find out the duties and charges is to contact the customs office in the country you are importing to.

GST/VAT or other Taxes are typically a percentage added to your total purchase price. Here is a sample formula used by some states:

(Artwork Price + Shipping and Insurance + Duty) x Tax % = Total tax payable

Duty + total tax payable + processing fees = total payable to customs

Here is a summary of the taxes and charges listed on some countries' Customs websites current on the 5th February 2022.

Google Currency Converter Tool google currency converter



Original Artworks, canvas and paper prints will be duty free in many states if the value is under USD $2500.

Sales tax and fees payable varies between states in the USA. 

There might also be a merchandise processing fee. 

For further information please see the US Customs and Border Protection website or phone




Arts are typically exempt from duties. 

Taxes/VAT are still charged. This varies per state but is listed at a general rate of 5%.

Possible handling fee of CAN$9.95 per dutiable or taxable item.

Sales tax and fees payable varies between states in Canada. 

For further information please see the Canada Customs Website or phone




All orders will be subject to VAT of 20%.

Duties and other fees TBA

Customs Information

About import taxes 

For further information please phone the Royal Mail Customer Services 

03457 740 740



VAT is charged on all orders.

The standard rate of VAT typically varies between 15% and 25%. 

  • Austria – 20 per cent 
  • Belgium – 21 per cent 
  • Denmark – 25 per cent 
  • Finland – 22 per cent 
  • France – 19.6 per cent 
  • Germany – 16 per cent 
  • Greece – 19 per cent 
  • Ireland – 21 per cent 
  • Italy – 20 per cent 
  • Luxembourg – 15 per cent 
  • Netherlands – 19 per cent 
  • Portugal – 21 per cent 
  • Spain – 16 per cent 
  • Sweden – 25 per cent

Duties, taxes and fees will vary between countries. 

Orders under 150 euros might be duty free.

For further information please contact your local Customs Office.

Here is a list of Customs Offices that you may find helpful  national-customs-administrations_en



For NZD $1000 or less total purchase:

The IRD handles the collection of GST purchases with  a value of NZD $1000 and less.

  • IRD may charge GST of 15% of the purchase total.
  • Customs will not collect GST, duty or charge the Import Entry Transaction Fee (IETF) on goods valued $1000 NZ or less. 

Purchases over NZD $1000.

Customs handles the collection of tax for goods valued greater than NZD $1000.

The receiver will be charged:

  • GST of 15% 
  • The Import Entry Transaction Fee of NZD $59.48.
  • Duty is typically not charged on Artworks however this is TBA.

Here is there website contact form

Please call the National Contact Centre on 0800 428 786 for assistance.


If you have any questions, please email me at and I will get back to asap.